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==> Thiomi: Have a tiny emotional breakdown

» You don’t know what to do.  Your matesprit and moirail are suffocating you, and you have no idea how to make them back off.  Your pale and red quadrants are corrupted into ashen and black atrocities, and your best friend is livid and ready to pick a fight on your behalf.  A fight that you begged her not to start.

» Your ribs are killing you from all this crying, but you can’t make yourself stop.  You just try to stay as quiet as possible so you don’t alert either of the boys, otherwise they’ll take it out on Mareth.

» You’re the most upset you’ve been in a long time, and you don’t even have anyone you can talk to about it because the ones you confide in the most are the problem.  

» what are you going to do?

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aseofspades asked: Hey Dan, you got some competition for your 'rail. There's another troll visiting her and giving her food, teaching her words, and showing her new things. She's even trying to give her a bath as we speak.


==> Growl and grind your teeth, until lessons Thiomi and Corali talked/beat into you (respective) come back into your mind.

==> You sulk, figuring that yeah, you could probably use some help teaching Varoll to be a somewhat normal troll…

==> But you’re going to meet this competition of yours. You have to make sure whoever they are, they’re not gonna turn your little swamp princess into a prissy hemoloyal!

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go talk to thiomi she needs a break from her suffocating moirail and matesprit

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>Well it’s a start that’s all you can say right now at least she tasted what clean water taste like. You smile as then get out of the tub. You really can’t stand being in it a minute longer. You then pull out two beach towels and lay them on the ground so you have a clean place to stand as you then pull out another two sets of towels. You use one to dry yourself. You would wait till Varoll gets out to may be try to dry her.

» You look up at Alternia and watch as she climbs out, but you don’t follow her.  Nooo, the water is far too warm and wonderful for that.  You’re gonna stay in here as long as possible.  Or until the water stops being warm.  Until then, you’re happy to slum it in here.

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